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JAN 2016
Does This Meeting Sound Familiar? If so it’s Time to Benevate.
By Jason Rusnak

Millennials want employee benefits that address their age specific challenges...

CEOs want to build an employee friendly brand...

CFOs want a measurable ROI for their investments and...

HR leaders want highly utilized and easy to administer employee benefits.

If you believe all of those statements to be true, than it’s definitely time for your organization to Benevate!

Today’s younger generations are experiencing historic levels of student loan debt and the lowest levels of home ownership in U.S. history. These two factors are not only negatively impacting younger generations’ current financial balance sheet, but also delaying their timeline to build wealth through retirement savings and the accumulation of home equity. For employers that recognize this emerging issue and offer employee benefits that address these unique challenges, they will enjoy a competitive advantage in not only attracting and retaining younger generation talent, but also improving their employment brand in the market.

Benevate offers cloud based software to administer Student Loan Assistance and Employer Assisted Housing employee benefits. Our software is highly configurable and automates most of the benefit enrollment, qualification and ongoing administration activities. The end result is a highly desirable employee benefit, a low annual administrative cost and a measurable return on investment.

Is your organization ready to Benevate? If so, lets start the conversation with an email: