Financial Wellness is more than a paycheck. High student loan debt, low homeownership rates and rising college costs are negatively impacting employees’ financial health.

Increasing Debt

Recent college graduates average $35k in student loan debt - 2x larger than 10 years ago.

Low Homeownership

Home ownership for Americans between 18-39 is at its lowest level in US history (41%).

Insufficient Savings

69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their bank account.

Uncertain Future

75% of Americans believe it is harder for today's younger generations to achieve a middle class lifestyle.

Attract, Engage and Retain Talent Organizations can gain a competitive talent advantage by offering employee benefits that address financial wellness challenges.

85% of employees believe its important for employers to offer financial wellness programs

75% of student loan holders would prefer to work for an employer that offered a Student Loan Assistance benefit

54% of millennials believe their loyalty to their employer is influenced by how much their employer cares about their financial wellness

Financial Wellness + Financial Incentives Benevate offers a comprehensive financial wellness solution, including financial incentives that help employees address their biggest financial challenges.

  • Financial Health Assessment and "Game Plan"
  • Financial Account Aggregation
  • Financial Wellness Challenges
  • Financial Incentives
  • Employee Benefit Decision Support
  • Telephonic Coaching (Optional)

Down Payment Assistance

One time contribution to help employees with the down payment for the purchase of a home.

Student Loan Assistance

Contributions to pay down the principal of an employee’s student loan debt.

College Savings Assistance

Contributions to help employees save for their children’s college education.

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