Affordable Housing is a Challenge for Many Employees High rents, low homeownership and long commutes are negatively impacting employees’ financial and emotional health.

Rent Burdened

2 in 5 renter households spend more than 30% of their gross income on housing

Low Homeownership

Home ownership for Americans between 18-39 is at its lowest level in US history (41%).

Long Commutes

The average round trip work commute is 52 minutes, the highest in US history.

Uncertain Future

75% of Americans believe it is harder for today's younger generations to achieve a middle class lifestyle.

Hosted Software + Services
Benevate offers a comprehensive and customizable Employer Assisted Housing solution.

  • Down Payment Assistance - One time contribution to help employees with the down payment for the purchase of a home.
  • Rental Subsidy - Reccurring payment to a property manager for use in offsetting an employee's rental costs.
  • Owner-Occupied Home Repair - One time contribution to help employees repair or rehabilitate their owner-occupied residence.
  • Program Administration Outsourcing (Optional)

Benefits of an Employer Assisted Housing Solution
Housing Benefits provide a win/win/win for employers, employees and the community.

Employer Benefits

  • Reduces training and hiring costs through lower employee turnover
  • Provides a differentiated benefits package
  • Improves employee morale and loyalty
  • Enhances employer reputation
  • Improves the real estate value of surrounding community

Employee Benefits

  • Lessens the costs and barriers of home ownership (down payment)
  • Increases the opportunity to build household wealth (equity)
  • Reduces commuting time
  • Improves identification and involvement in local community

Community Benefits

  • Attracts and keeps a strong local workforce
  • Stabilizes and/or revitalizes the community
  • Reduces traffic and air pollution
  • Increases the tax base

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